01/06/2023 : Anita was brilliant from the start. We brought this house as a holiday home, and as we are not from France, had virtually no experience with the buying procedure in the country. She guided us through everything, explained each step to us clearly which gave us great peace of mind and made the purchase of the house really straight forward. After signing for the property she gave us all the help with setting up the domestic bills. I would definitely recommend buying through immoboulevard. Thanks, Ash P.

13/05/2023 : Translated from french : We were very pleased with Catherine Bower's service. People from a neighbouring village recommended Catherine to us. On this sale, after an initial failure on the part of the buyers, Catherine was very patient. And very quickly we had a new proposal which was completed in a very short time. This proves that Catherine has a good address book. Yes, I would recommend her to sell the property of an acquaintance of mine. We had a very good relationship with Catherine throughout the sale, pleasant, kind, with a permanent follow-up. Sincerely Mr and Mrs Claudine P.

10/05/2023 : Dear Marianne, Hans Veld was the first gift we received on our way to owning our new home. He was caring and responsive from the very start, notifying us as soon as the property became available after a first offer fell through. When we visited the property, he gave us leisurely time to be in the house and walk in the garden for as long as we felt we needed, and he sat with us, answering all of our first questions, without rush. He led us through each stage of the purchase with care and patience, as neither of us had owned property before. His communications were always timely, never too early to induce anxiety, never too late to induce concern. He made sure that we met the sellers in good time, which was an important and welcome part of the deal. We tried to thank him when we met again before the closing, but he wouldn't accept any thanks until "the bottleneck was over." He needn't have worried. It all went smoothly. We felt well taken care of throughout, and cannot quite yet believe our good fortune in owning our new home with such relative ease. We are very grateful to Hans for his professional, caring work. With kind regards, John F & Benjamin D.

10/05/2023 : Translated from french : Hello, We are very pleased and satisfied with the support and presence of Mrs Catherine Bower during the purchase of our house "chez Piégut". Very professional, efficient and quick to answer our questions. We thank you for your kindness and good humour. Yours sincerely, Mme Danièle L.

27/04/2023 : Translated from french : Hello Marianne, If we called on you 14 years ago to find our main residence, then to sell my brother's house, we can only thank you again for the quality of your services after the sale of our house in March. Not only are you an excellent professional, but from the beginning of our project, with the evaluation of the sale, to the completion of the sale, which took almost 2 years, you were always present, reactive, with quality support, which is not given to everyone. We appreciated these qualities which make the added value of your services, rare are the real estate agents who follow so precisely with attention and concern of their customers, a sale of the beginning of the project until its realization. For all this we would like to thank you and of course we will not hesitate to highly recommend your services if the situation arises. With our best and friendly regards. David S & family.

27/04/2023 : Translated from dutch : We would like to praise Anita de Bresser to the skies. Great contact and keeps appointments. She exudes confidence. Guidance was topy ! Jan and Geert.

25/04/2023 : We bought our house in Millac with the assistance of Catherine Bower. One word: TOP! She guided us trough the whole procedure with such an easyness, it was a delight. Cordialement, Ruffin J & Anne H.

15/04/2023 : Translated from dutch : We had a very nice contact with Leidy Franken. She provided us with calm guidance and good advice from start to finish. We could always call or app Leidy and she responded quickly and accurately. Our house sold quickly partly because of this and because she knows the local market well. We also really liked having a Dutch estate agent in France so that the language was not a barrier. We recommend her to everyone !

12/04/2023 : Thank you for the link to the website. May I say what a very good website it is. It is excellent in its description of the house, the information that you can see at a glance - facts listed clearly, the quality of the photographs. I have only seen one other website as good and that was a Swedish one. Cordialement Jennifer.

30/03/2023 : Translated from dutch : We engaged Ms Anita de Bresser as our sales agent when selling our house. From the 1st day, she made every effort for us. In June, we were also victims of severe weather and a large part of the roof of our house was destroyed then. Fortunately, the insurance covered the damage. And despite that hassle, our house was sold quickly. All the effort Anita made for us as an intermediary between the roofer and us and also the buyer. Great ! So nothing but praise. Kind regards, Will van G and Cobi H.

22/03/2023 : Cathe is a first class ambassador for the agency. Attentive, meticulous in her planning and very approachable to quickly solve any problems. She always kept in touch with each new development and was full of good advice on when might be a good time to alter the price. In french terms we sold quite quickly - thanks to her pro-active attitude. But, she needs to learn email etiquette. Do NOT keep adding new information to an old email header/title. New information = new email title. That way nothing gets overlooked. Would highly recommend her to anyone thinking of selling. Simon and Ingrid J.

13/03/2023 : Jan, Thank you so much for what you’ve done for us. We think you sold the house very quickly. You have instantly responded. Even on a Sunday ! Wow ! But this has taken the stress out of it. Thank you and take care, Damen & Sharon V.

11/03/2023 : We have had three properties sold by your agent cathe bower. We have always found cathe to be professional and helpful, always trying to go that extra mile. We highly recommend cathe and your agency. Thankyou for making the sales so smooth, Theresa F.

06/03/2023 : We wanted to write to you to compliment Cathe Bower on all the help and support she has given during our recent house purchase. When we first arranged a viewing, she gave a very timely response and was most helpful. The price negotiation was handled very well and since then there has been timely and comprehensive communication. Our questions were welcomed and always answered. Cathe has been an absolute pleasure to deal with and she is so helpful and knowledgeable. Even since the purchase completed she has continued to answer any queries and help us where she can. The whole property purchase has been stress free thanks to Cathe’s wonderful professionalism. Thank you and kind regards, Glynne and Laura P.

06/03/2023 : Dear Marianne, Mrs. Bower has just completed the sale of my property (Le Petit Essart Le Vigeant 86150). She was most efficient and helpful throughout the negotiations and the sale and was always ready to deal promptly with any questions which I had. I was very satisfied with the service which she provided. Cordialement, Mike B.

28/02/2023 : Translated from dutch : We are very satisfied with the guidance we received from Anita. Anita is friendly, enthusiastic, competent and very helpful in arranging a new reality: coming to live in France. The same good rapport Anita also has with the sellers and with the notary, which led to a very smooth sale. We are very happy to have discovered your website and look forward to the start of a new chapter. Kind regards, Veerle G and Danny M.

28/02/2023 : From the moment we saw the house and contacted Cathe, she was extremely supportive and very helpful. She had done some wonderful video’s of the property, which was very helpful. When we put in an offer for the property, she guided us in what we needed to do. She connected us to an adviser, that had answers that we needed. She was so friendly and supportive. She made the whole process possible. Although eventually, we were unable to continue with the sale, Cathe continued to be supportive and we would heartily recommend her to anyone to moving to France. We’d like to thank her for all her support and know that she will find the perfect people for this special property ! Warmly, Jacqui C and Karin Van B.

19/02/2023 : I would like to say that I was more than pleased with Cath my agent. Cath was so patient and helpful. I am a nervous person and Cath always put me at ease. I could ring her any time and always came back quick with my emails. Thanks again Cath. Gaynor R.

22/01/2023 After many years finally La Bouliniere was sold last summer, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Cathe Bower for the continued support and dedication she has generously given me over the years. Together we have shared the highs and lows of many viewings with Cathe being available at the end of the phone or mail, with her professional knowledge to sort many problems from the local farmer, utilities and Notaire etc to ensure everything was correctly in place to enable a final sale. Getting to know Cathe over the years has made a very stressful situation of selling my property in France into a comforting and pleasurable experience of which now I can put closure to. Kind Regards to all involved, Tim W.

31/12/2022 Cathe sold our house in Millac. We are very pleased with the service we have received from Cathe. It has been a difficult sale with my mother passing away and my Father not wanting to go back to France. Cathe has helped considerably with the situation and the property been left empty. We would have no problem recommending Cathe she is a lovely person. Her ideas on how best to present the house got the sale through. Kind regards, Sarah Les & Terry.

31/12/2022 From the word go Cathe has been amazing. She helped us with everything from picking us up after a flight delay left us stranded, to helping get trades people into the house. She has liaised with us, checked we are doing everything correctly and been on hand with recommendations and advice. All of this is invaluable to first time buyers in rance. She has been able to give us information on the local areas, and utilities and has just made the buying process a pleasure. I would not hesitate to use Cathe again to buy or sell, thought at the moment we are looking forward to enjoying our new house in France. Regards, Tracey & Mark T. 

31/12/2022 Hi, I just want to say that the service I received from Cathe Bower, was absolutely wonderful. She has kept me informed all along the way and and any twist and upset, Cathe was straight on it. At times I felt so sorry for the lady, but Cathe stuck to it. Her service has been so professional all through and I want to send her a big thank you. Yours sincerely, John C.

23/12/2022 Translated from dutch : We are extremely happy with Kim Bain-ter Heege's guidance and good advice during the sales process of our second home in St Leger de Fougeret. It gave us great peace of mind to be able to leave the transaction to her, who was always friendly, quick to respond and thoughtful. We would therefore highly recommend Kim to anyone. Kind regards, Hans and Joke W.

19/12/2022 Translated from dutch : We are extremely satisfied with Kim's comprehensive service. She made every possible effort to keep everything on track. In fact, she did much more than could be expected of her. She constantly kept us informed of all further developments. She has been in touch with the Bank which has made no effort to help us. We sent them proof from the notary regarding the sale of our house in 82220 Labarthe. We had also sent letters from the notary regarding the purchase of our house. Despite this, they were not willing to help us in any way. Finally, we personally travelled to a branch of the bank on Friday, 9 November.We spent 2.5 hours there with the manageress who made us answer questions that were irrelevant. Till last Friday, we were in contact with the directress who refused to cooperate despite all the information. We suspect that the fact that our bank has never been an international bank played a role in this situation. All branches apparently follow the rules from the head office in Paris and are not willing to deviate from them in any way.For instance, we were expected to prove by means of electricity bills to prove that we lived in Yolande's mother's house. Such statements are of no use in Holland. A residents' declaration from the municipality was not accepted. Despite the fact that we requested a declaration in 4 languages online from the Municipality on Friday, 9 December.
Kim made every effort to steer the consultation in the right direction so that the bank was willing to make the payment. In the end, it managed to make the payment last Friday after consulting with the notary and the owners.Without Kim, none of this would have been possible to get that done. We are extremely grateful to Kim for her commitment and perseverance. Warm regards, Robin & Yolande M.

18/12/2022 Translated from dutch : My wife and I are very satisfied with the merits of Kim Bain-ter Heege. Before every viewing of our property and later on the results, we were kept informed. Even our E-mails after 11pm and on Sundays were responded to after a few minutes. We were clearly informed about the necessary documents and required actions for the sale. Kim also let us know early on that she would pass on the sale to the utility companies and tax so that we did not have to do that ourselves. W.H.

16/12/2022 We were very happy with the service provided by Cathe Bower. She was patient, thorough, friendly, and highly professional throughout the sales process. Notably, she kept us well-informed of the progress of the sale at every step. We would recommend her to other clients without qualification. Best regards, Stephen W & Colleen P.

14/12/2022 Translated from dutch : Dear Joost & Marianne, Having bought a house in France, not yet passed the notary, but with 20000 euros deposited at the notary, I drove through France to admire our future acquisition. As it turned out, a clever neighbour had pasted an annonce behind his windows, legal conflict with the neighbour, with telephone number attached. There appears to be a conflict about a common wall, costing about 20000 euros. According to the neighbour, everyone knows about it. Estate agent, notary, except me of course. I immediately let the notary know why I was giving up. Then a year of stalling began, of course.
In good advice, I called Joost, because I had come across that name many times on the internet. He immediately gave me friendly advice. His, and of course Marianne's, direct contact with the notary performed miracles.
After about a month I received 18,000 euros in my account. Joost reassured me that the last 2000 euros could still come, sure, Joost, dream on. But of course I got that money in a few weeks too. I think this is a very sympathetic action by Joost & Marianne, you can only dream about it. 
Our next house in France? Obviously through Immoboulevard. What a service. 😘. Kind regards from Jaap de J.

09/12/2022 Translated from dutch : It was a sale that initially seemed to go off at rocket speed. However, as is often the case in space travel, there were malfunctions that prevented the sale from going as fast as it could. After about 15 months, this sales process finally came to an end. You helped and assisted us in a pleasant way during all this time. For you guys, that time wasn't always pleasant either, but you didn't show it. You always maintained a very nice professional attitude that relieved us from some stress and tension many times. It sometimes took effort and some nasty reactions towards French officials to achieve our goals. That must have caused some irritations with you too. You and we can now put those irritations behind us. We are adding this experience to our rucksack. We thank you and also your wife Wilma for everything you have done for us. Good luck with your job as an estate agent and all the best to you. With kind regards, Geert V.

05/12/2022 Translated from dutch : Further to your e-mail, I can tell you that we are satisfied and the contact with Jan Kuijk was excellent. He kept us well informed and arranged things well and kept appointments. Kind regards Carla T.

02/12/2022 Translated from dutch : Dear Joost, Compliments on the revamped website. Very clear, fast and slick. Kind regards Jaap de J.

29/11/2022 Translated from dutch : Hans Veld guided me through the sales procedure in a very pleasant and relaxed manner. Everything went smoothly and personally. The nerves I naturally had were removed as a result. I will definitely recommend Hans, should this come my way. What was very thoughtful was that after signing at the notary, the buying party and I were offered a nice bottle of Crémant de Bourgogne by Hans. That gave the transfer something festive! Kind regards, Hinke van der S.

29/11/2022 Translated from dutch : Very nice contact with Anita de Bresser. She always had plenty of time when we needed it in the house. Also very grateful for several things she arranged for us, which were difficult for us because of the language. Always easily accessible and a very quick response. Glad we decided to buy the house through the estate agent. Greetings, S. M.

28/11/2022 Translated from dutch : Of course, Hans was not our estate agent but that of the seller. We had known each other for some time and, just like then, the contacts were extremely pleasant. A very charming detail was the beautiful bottles of bubbles he brought to the notary for all of us. If I were looking for an estate agent myself, I would certainly think of him, but I don't think it would be appropriate to write a review about his professional approach (which is undoubtedly fine, notwithstanding), because after all, we had nothing but indirect contact with him. Kind regards, Irene B.

23/11/2022 Cathe and the team from Immoboulevard have been truly outstanding. From the swift sale of our home, to the regular contact and updates from Cathe, it meant that we were put at ease throughout the entire end to end process of the sale. THANK YOU so much Cathe for your support and professionalism. Matthew & Gary.

23/11/2022 We were recommended to use Cathe Bower by friends of ours who live in France and know how good she is at her job. With the usual amount of cynicism (I used to be an estate agent in the UK, a good one anywhere is hard to find!), we instructed Cathe to sell the holiday home we had owned and loved for 13 years. One of the most communicative, knowledgeable and friendly agents we have dealt with - Cathe Bower is an absolute professional. The people she was showing the property to all seemed to be motivated buyers and constructive with their feedback. Cathe seems to attract the best buyers! Needless to say, it wasn’t long before the house was sold with an offer at the full asking price. Unsurprisingly, we were thrilled! There was a lot of handholding by Cathe throughout the sale transaction but it was smooth. She knew the answers to most of our queries (never having sold in France before, there were many!). For other queries, she knew who to go to for the answers and came back to us promptly each time. We achieved the completion in line with everyone’s timeframe and I know the new owner is very happy in his new home! Thank you, Cathe, for making our path a smooth one on what was an emotional adventure for us. Best of luck to you for the future! Kind regards, Gary F.

16/11/2022 Translated from dutch : After about a year of searching for a nice house in the Creuse, we came into contact with Jan Kuik. He now knew roughly what we were looking for and soon did a viewing somewhere, but unfortunately the seller took too long. Meanwhile, another house came up for sale in an even nicer location and a much larger house, which was also actually above budget, but we took a look and immediately fell in love, and thanks to Jan's good and quick negotiations, it was our house pretty soon. Thanks again for the good assistance and for always responding to e-mails and messages. Ina and Gerard.

12/11/2022 Translated from dutch : I am extremely satisfied with Kim's handling of the purchase of my house in Chiddes. From the first contact to the aftercare after the deed was signed at the notary, communication was very smooth. I could reach her anytime and anywhere. She answered me quickly and efficiently every time. In Belgium, I have already bought several houses/apartments through a real estate agency, but I had not yet experienced the attentive care I received from her. From start to finish she arranged everything to perfection. Kind regards, Paul B. 

09/11/2022 Translated from dutch : We are very satisfied with the quality of Immoboulevard's services. We always get quick response to our queries with clear and useful information. Very helpful, friendly and reliable team. Without you it would not have been so easy to buy a house in France. P.S : Hans is a topper!

09/11/2022 Our estate agent, Anita de Bresser was very helpful and friendly. Was very knowledgeable and good at her job. Would definitely recommend. In fact, I already have recommended her to someone! Kind regards, Nichola C.

06/11/2022 We used as our primary property search. It was there that we shortlisted several properties listed by your company. Most of these properties were directed to Cathé. In the end, we made a formal enquiry to the property in Saulgé that we now bought.
Cathé was quick to reply with information. She also provided us with a link to download more images and videos of the house. This method seems to be a common practice with all agents in France which suit overseas buyers who may not be able to attend face-to-face viewing immediately.
We made a formal offer below the asking price and we were thrilled to learn that the seller accepted it. However, we were disappointed a couple of weeks later that the seller wrote a brief email to sell to someone else. It was a poor behaviour by the seller and we were prepared to walk away, but not Cathé. She explained to me that she too was annoyed and she would consult with her boss to play in a favour. In the end, the house was available for me if I up my offer to the asking price. I did, but we still carry the shadow of disappointment and what could have been a fair price on the market. Overall, we are thankful for Cathé's effort and the regular communication. We hope that in future your company can be more active in explaining to buyer that an accepted offer is not guarantee, that way it help with the decision making whether to make an offer in the first place. This will help improve or retain relationship with potential buyers.
In regards to the quality of your company's service. There is an obvious level of quality difference in your brochure and website design. It feels a little below par, but the information is still easy to read and navigate. The number of properties available is limited, therefore trying to find an alternative if one falls through was a little challenging.
Would I buy again from you? Yes. I don't intend to sell my French properties, but instead to possibly buy one more towards the east or south of the region in the very near future. This house we bought will act as a base for us to find our next house and to integrate with the lovely community in both Montmorillion and Saulgé. We also intend to maintain contact with Cathé as local friends. Yours sincerely, Simon and Ka Lam T.

06/11/2022 Translated from dutch : For us, a Dutch-speaking estate agent with good expertise was indispensable when selling our French house. Kim Bain-Ter Heege was customer-friendly and attentive, alert, fast and effective. In short: Top! Albine and Victor W-le P.

31/10/2022 Translated from dutch : We bought a 2 houses with land and outbuildings directly from the owner. The handling had been outsourced by the seller to Leidy Franken. We had a very nice contact with Leidy. She helped us well with the contact with the notary, insurance and conversion of water and electricity etc. Our questions were answered quickly. Should we think of selling in the future we will definitely contact her. John&Tessa B.

30/10/2022 Translated from dutch : This year we decided to sell our second house in the Morvan. We have enjoyed living there for 19 years. Our contact with Kim Bain ter Heege was extremely pleasant from the start. She really arranged everything for us perfectly and did everything necessary to make the sale go smoothly. We thank Kim for this and wish her every success in the coming period. Elly and Ger E.

30/10/2022 Translated from german : I am very satisfied with the services of Immoboulevard. I would like to thank Mrs. Anita De Bresser who did everything right. Anita De Bresser is a very kind and respectful woman. I wish Immoboulevard and Mrs Anita De Bresser all the best. With my best regards, Kanat F.

28/10/2022 Translated from dutch : We are very satisfied with Kim and with your office. In our case, it was super nice to have a real estate agent who speaks Dutch. We completely relied/relied on Kim. The handling after the purchase also feels great. Thank you for all the good care. Kind regards, Ellen Z and Hans R.

20/10/2022 Translated from dutch : Hello Marianne, today is our first day in our home in Le Colombier, everything went according to plan. Anita was our estate agent in this purchase, we are very satisfied with her service. She informed us extensively every time and she answered our questions quickly. In short , very satisfied. Pieter ter V.

18/10/2022 Translated from dutch : After years of putting my house up for sale with other estate agents to no avail, I switched to estate agent Immoboulevard less than a year ago. This was truly a breath of fresh air. Immediately several viewings, during which I was always kept well informed, and in the end I sold quite quickly. I want to mention real estate agent Hans Veld in particular with regard to his knowledge of French real estate but also his command of the French language, both verbally and in writing. Very knowledgeable and particularly pleasant person ! With thanks, Karelbert M.

12/10/2022 Translated from french : I wanted to inform you that everything went well with Mrs Catherine Bower, she always listened to me and always knew how to answer my questions or expectations. This lady is really great and very sociable, I am really satisfied, thank you again to her. Thank you again. Sylvain P.

12/10/2022 Translated from dutch : In the purchase process of our French house, we found the support provided by sales agent Jan Kuik very pleasant and positive. Jan was easy to reach and informed us adequately. His pleasant personality and businesslike approach are a good combination. We can warmly recommend him to other sellers and buyers. Kind regards, Francien.

11/10/2022 Translated from dutch : We had a fine collaboration with Jan Kuik when selling our house. Jan Kuik made sure everything went smoothly and small problems were solved quickly. I would therefore definitely recommend Jan Kuik as a sales broker. Robert-Jan van A.

10/10/2022 I have had the best house purchase experience possible. Kim was so helpful she went above and beyond and answered all our questions, quirks and silliness. Kim kept us up to date with everything and even when we looked round the house we were all excited about the project that was in front of us. I would wholeheartedly recommend this company and especially Kim to anyone wanting to buy a property. I honestly can’t Thank them enough for everything and their kindness and patience. Here’s to our future which would not be possible with out you. Thank you, Kind Regards Sharon.

10/10/2022 Translated from french : I am very satisfied with the services of your agency and Mrs Bain. Sincerely, Florence M.

06/10/2022 Translated from dutch : Despite the fact that this sale was difficult, I am extremely satisfied with the commitment, competence and perseverance of our estate agent Jan Kuik. He always showed the prospective buyers around with calm precision and answered many questions before and after the viewings. The completion of this sale had additional complications due to the death of my wife. In that too, he did an excellent job of walking me over the bumps. He was always available and continued to look constructively at the obstacles and found the appropriate solutions. A real estate agent who deserves your trust. Adriaan N.

06/10/2022 Translated from dutch : When I compare Jan's service to that of sales agents in the Netherlands, it is a world of difference. He assisted us from the beginning in all matters, solicited and unsolicited, in a clear and adequate manner and took his time. Even after the purchase, he arranged the contacts with EDF and SUEZ and was and is a source of questions on all subjects. And that is a great help for those who do not know the French authorities. In short, we are very satisfied with Jan and happy that he came our way in this new country. With kind regards, Enny and Anton T.

04/10/2022 Translated from dutch : When buying our villa in the Dordogne, we had a lot of support from Kitty Janssen of Immoboulevard. She always responded quickly and adequately to our messages. Thanks to her intervention, our grandchildren and ourselves were able to enjoy the pool all summer long! Marjan van den B & Jan S.

28/09/2022 Translated from french : From the response to the property advertisement to the signing of the notarial deed, Anita de Bresser, real estate agent-Cabinet de France, was both highly professional and very sympathetic. At every stage, Mrs De Bresser was able to clearly explain the steps to be taken, the mistakes not to be made and was very involved in our project. She made it very easy for us to talk to the sellers, creating a mutual trust that allowed us to finalise our house purchase in complete transparency, creating a truly personalised relationship. We highly recommend her services and the use of Emilie and Nicolas.

26/09/2022 Translated from dutch : We are extremely satisfied with the way Jan guided and helped us. Apart from the fact that he sold us a fantastic house, it is also super how he helped us with other matters. Like the insurance,electricity, water. We could always call him if we got stuck with something. He was very patient with us and did a lot for us. We are extremely satisfied. Regards Frank and Jacqueline.

25/09/22Translated from dutch: We are very satisfied with the entire handling of everything around the purchase of our house. Kim's guidance was professional and pleasant. She explained everything clearly. Things that needed to be arranged were arranged well in time. Very highly recommended. Kind regards, Nynke and Rob.

Translated from dutch: Our experience with Immoboulevard has been fantastic !!! And we are also extremely happy and grateful to Anita de Bresser our real estate agent who meant a huge amount to us. Was always ready to answer questions, have a chat by phone and via email. Always easily accessible and incredibly helpful !!!! Because when starting out in another country, you really need someone to help you with the language and the rules and to get you started. Very helpful person. Chapeau !!!! Natacha and Marko v. B-S

23/09/22 Translated from dutch: We found buyers ourselves for our cottage. After this, Kim Bain helped us fantastically to complete the sale at the notary. Very happy and satisfied with both the quick completions and the friendly atmosphere in which this was done. Both to us and to the buyers. Thanks on behalf of John and Jolanda O.

23/09/22 Translated from dutch: Anita was recommended to us by friends for whom she had sold their French house in a very short time. And the sale of our house also went unexpectedly fast. Contacts were always pleasant. Her diligence, expertise, familiarity with the French language and legislation, but also her extensive network, all contributed to a quick and problem-free transfer of our beloved French home. A warm recommendation is in order! With kind regards, Mieke H.

Anita is a grist class agent and we could not recommend her highly enough. She puts herself out and is first class at her job. Always happy to help and when required give advice. 5 star service from start to finish thank you. Regards, John & Cathrine C.

22/09/22 Translated from dutch: I hereby give you our feedback on the quality of Immoboulevard and the services of Jan Kuik in particular. We are very satisfied with the work of Immoboulevard in general and also with the good and personal assistance of Jan Kuik in particular. Jan Kuik's good accessibility, his helpfulness and quick accurate handling of matters, gave us a lot of peace of mind in the certainty that the sale of our house was in the right hands. We couldn't have wished for a better way of handling the sale. We therefore wish Jan a very bright future at Immoboulevard with clients who are just as satisfied with his services as we are. Kind regards, René & Judith van E.

22/09/22 Translated from french: Kim was always available, even late at night, with good humour. She really listened to all my questions. In particular, to empty the house, she was able to put me in contact with efficient and very reactive people. Finally, she took care of all the administrative procedures, including the closing of the electricity and insurance contracts. I am very happy with her support for this sale. I would like to thank her once again, as I was able to do by videoconference on the day of signing the deed of sale. Daniel T.

27/08/2022 We first purchased our property in France around 9 years ago and Cathe was our agent at that time. We found her to be extremely helpful and friendly from the viewing stage right through to the purchase and beyond, helping us with reviewing of the contract and the setting up of accounts for water, electricity etc., She was always on hand and happy to answer queries and made the whole process seem easy. We decided to use Cathe again for the sale of our property which completed last week and, once again, she was extremely helpful, advising on offers being made until the one we were happy with came through. She liaised with the buyers and us to ensure we were all happy with the completion date and, once again, the process went smoothly. I would definitely recommend Cathe to other people buying or selling in France. Kind regards Dawn D and Andrew P.

23/08/2022 Cathe was the most helpful person during the buying of my house, even when problems occurred she was there to sort it. I would fully recommend Cathe to anyone who needs to buy or sell. I now have the house I've always wanted.

23/08/22 Mrs. Bower guided us very friendly and professionally during the purchase process of the house. The contact by e-mail was excellent and also by telephone the contact was fine.
We did a tour of the house in Le Vigeant on a Saturday. Catherine gave us a tour and she was able to answer all our questions we had. She also guided us well and explained the procedures, etc. during the last viewing of the house and the moment of signing at the notary. In short: We are very satisfied with Catherine's service and can heartily recommend her! With kind regards, Arthur and Hanneke.

23/08/2022 Cathy was excellent when we purchased the property originally, and hasn't disappointed us in the sale. All good. Cathy is always available for any help needed. Excellent !

01/08/22 Translated from dutch: Anita helped us tremendously with the purchase of our house in France. During the viewing of the houses she really thought along with us. After we had found our dream house together with her, she guided us with love and patience through the exciting process of the purchase. Thanks to Anita we were able to take the step to live permanently in France with confidence. Best wishes, Anneke and Wil K.

14/07/22 I just wanted to say a big thank you to Anita for a professional and smooth sale of our property recently. Regards, Sandra J.

07/07/22 Translated from dutch: Dear Mrs. Kubbe, Through this way we would like to let you know that we are very satisfied with the pleasant cooperation with immoboulevard and in particular with Anita. Buying a house abroad (in this case France) brought along the necessary tension but this seemed totally unnecessary at the first viewing. The trust that she radiates, the clear explanation that you get puts you at ease. During the whole process we could send her e-mails with all our questions ; these were always answered nicely. She also took care of everything concerning the acquisition. The fact that our knowledge of French was below standard did not cause any problems in the end, again thanks to Anita. In short, she is a TOP agent but especially in the sense of a TOP counsellor for the purchase of a home and not just for the financial picture. Thank you again ! Kind regards, Frank & Marianne.

Translated from french: Through Anita de Bresser, we quickly sold our property in the Indre department, in the commune of Mauvières (36). Professional, dynamic and cheerful, Anita masters her subject to perfection. The transaction was carried out in the best conditions, without any false notes. You can call on Anita with your eyes closed, she takes care of everything! Bravo and thank you very much! Sincerely, Christophe M.

13/06/22Translated from dutch: We came into contact with Joost Kubbe of Immoboulevard via via. He put us in touch with Wilma. After our first meeting we immediately had a positive feeling and it stayed that way. Together with Wilma we went on quite a journey looking for the right house for us. She asked us critical questions and also came up with surprising houses, which gave us a good idea of what house we were actually looking for. The purchase of our current house turned out to be a difficult one. But Wilma did not give up and was our tower of strength. If you are looking for a reliable estate agent in France, who will go through fire and water for you, then you need Wilma. Good luck with everything and thanks again for your help and support! Saskia and Oscar.

11/06/22 We would like to give some feedback on the purchase of our house in Chardat. We contacted Cathe Bower to request a viewing, Cathe was professional and friendly from the start. She allowed us a prompt viewing and answered any questions to the best of her knowledge, honestly, anything she didn't know she found out for us. Our purchase was not an easy one, due to the seller, Cathe remained tactful and professional while helping us through the problems. We could not have wished for a better negotiator than Cathe, should we ever decide to sell we will definitely return to Cathe and have already recommended her to friends. Kind Regards, Tony T & Sue M.

08/06/22 Good morning Madame Kubbe, We were very happy and with the way Cathe handled the sale of our property from start to finish. She was helpful with information, we had never sold a house in France and her input was invaluable, She made herself available whenever we needed her plus she answered her emails promptly and kept us in the picture with everything that was going on. The house was marketed very well which was proved because she sold it for us. She solved a very tricky problem with some paperwork that was being held by the notaire from buying the house in 2007 and made sure that the sale of our house and the purchase of the house we bought all happened at the same time with no hiccups. We were very grateful to her that she arranged the notaire and accompanied us to the signing of the Compromis De Vente and the Completion, we would have been lost without her. She also made sure that the utilities for our buyers were retained so the transition for them went as smoothly as possible. In our opinion we have nothing but good to say about Cathe and would recommend her to anyone else selling a property in this and surrounding areas. If you need to know anything else please contact us. Regards, Alison and Tony P.

08/06/22 Translated from dutch: We have become the proud owner of a house in Dompierre les Eglises. We are very satisfied with Cathe's guidance. She has been a reliable partner for us during the entire process. During the first viewing it was already concrete and she lived up to that mutual trust. She supported us in all additional matters. The process guidance went well despite the 'language barrier'. The same with the notary office. The selling party was also very pleasant to deal with. Compliments for your office. With kind regards, André and Mieke K.

06/06/22 Traduit du français: Hello Mrs Kubbe, I would like to let you know that Mrs Bower has been very helpful as a sales broker. She is kind, always available and pays attention to the right things that need to be arranged with such a large purchase. She has been very supportive. Sincerely, Angelina A.

06/06/22 Translated from dutch: Our first contact with Kim from Immoboulevard was when we thought we had found a nice house. After taking some more pictures it was not our house, but after Kim's tip we signed up for the newsletter. A month later the first newsletter arrived and we found our dream house. From that moment on, we have had a lot of contact with Kim. For us, the French housing market is completely unknown, but for Kim it has few secrets. She helped and guided us very well and that gave us a lot of confidence. From the moment we started bidding, to the sales agreement, agreements with the farmer who still uses a piece of land, to the transfer a few months later. So if you want to buy or sell a house, remember 1 name: Kim Bain-ter Heege and everything will be fine.

20/05/22Translated from dutch: At the beginning of 2021 I knew for sure... I will sell my house in the Netherlands and look for a house in the North-East of France. This turned out to be not so easy. Lots of offers, but not the right feeling and sometimes just too late when I wanted to make my move. Then I saw « My » house on the Immoboulevard website and contacted them. Herman showed me the house and that same evening I e-mailed him that I wanted to see the house again, preferably the day after. This was no problem at all and I really got all the time I needed to see the house and take in the surroundings. After some cold feet I went ahead and both Herman and Marianne gave me the time to prepare myself properly for the purchase and the transfer! The energy contract was even arranged and everything actually went very smoothly. Thanks Herman and Marianne for your patience, understanding and thinking along. You really made my start in France less big. I really mean it. Love Simone

13/05/22 Translated from dutch: In 2019 I chose Immoboulevard to realise the sale of two houses. Recently the second house was sold and I would like to compliment Immoboulevard for their tireless efforts, endless answering of questions and for all the calling and arranging. I experienced it as very pleasant that I could communicate in Dutch. Thank you very much for supervising the sale. Arnhem, 2022

04/04/22Translated from dutch: Early October 2021 we made the first contacts with Jan Kuik of Immoboulevard for the sale of our little farmhouse in the Creuse. Jan had been recommended to us by my brother-in-law, whose French house had just been sold by Jan within a few weeks.We ourselves had been thinking for some time - because of our advanced age - that after 32 years of enjoyment it would be a good idea to part with our lovely holiday home in the Creuse. After a pleasant acquaintance with Jan, he assisted us in a professional, but also very pleasant and personal way through the entire sales process. We already knew that in France they like forms and reports, but it was good that Jan helped us in a smooth way through the mass of paperwork! And the fact that he also speaks Dutch was extra easy for us. Within a day of putting our house on the internet sites, Jan could tell us that there was "quite a lot of interest". And when a lot of visitors came, we began to believe in a smooth sale. This proved to be the case, because by the end of October, Jan had found a suitable buyer for us. Young people from Paris with children, who hopefully will be able to enjoy "their" house in the Creuse for many years to come, just like us. After waiting a while at the notary's office, our house will no longer be ours on 1 April 2022. My wife and I are very satisfied with Immoboulevard and certainly with their "Agent commercial en immobilier", Jan Kuik. Jolande and Hans de K.

01/04/22 I am writing to you regarding your agent Cathe Bower who recently successfully guided the sale of my ‘Maisonette secondaire’ in France. Ms Bower has been excellent throughout the whole process. She is personable, confident, knowledgeable about the area and the whole process of selling, professional in approach and she has a lovely sense of humour. She also had some very helpful ideas about how the house should be presented.Ms Bower always kept in touch with me so I always new when the property was being presented to a client. She is always helpful and I am happy to recommend her services. Please pass on my thanks to her, I am forever grateful for all her hard work. Regards
Elizabeth K.

28/03/22 Translated from dutch: Dear Mr. Kubbe, we wanted to sell our house Chez Trillaud, Nouzerines in the Creuse and found on the internet many positive reactions from other Dutch people, who recommended Immo Jan Kuik. We contacted Jan Kuik. As a result, we gave him the assignment to sell our house and this was achieved within a few weeks. Everything was done in confidence, honest advice, good agreements and a correct handling, and all in a friendly atmosphere. So we are very satisfied and happy that we have entered into this with him. This has resulted in us already making a positive recommendation to another Dutch couple, with another sale as a result. We hope that Jan Kuik can do this work for a long time to come. Kind regards, Paul and Fieke S.

25/03/22 Translated from dutch: With the help of Jan Kuik, we have successfully purchased a beautiful renovated farmhouse in Vicq-Exemplet. Our search started a bit large. During the search we discovered how big France really is. Therefore we adapted the search circle to our criteria. Jan Kuik has thought along with us and eventually showed us three beautiful houses. Jan has been the estate agent for the selling party. Nevertheless, he also assisted us with the purchase. There was a bumpy road ahead here and there. Jan has a very good feel for things. He knows people and has a lot of experience. He is able to bring parties together by looking for agreements. His advice resulted in two satisfied parties and a successful sale and purchase. We could and still can call on him for advice. He took a lot of work off our hands. There is a lot you have to deal with. Thanks in part to his help and knowledge, everything went smoothly. In all honesty, without Jan it would not have been such a great party. There is a lot involved and he saved us a lot of work and trouble by being there for us. If the sale had not been finalised, we would have given Jan a search assignment as 'buying agent'. It is very nice to get support in a country with rules that we as Dutchmen are not familiar with. It did not have to come to that. Our search has been successful and we are now going to enjoy ourselves very much. We wish the same for the reader of this article. Marie-Claire van der Palm and Hans K.

Bonjour Marianne, Having recently purchased a house from your agency via Cathe Bower I’d like to say that I was very satisfied with the service that Cathe provided along the way and especially pleased with the house. Many thanks, Richard P.

21/03/22 My name is Lorna H & I recently sold my property through Cathe Bower. I can’t sing her praises enough. She was both professional & personal, experienced & knowledgeable & made the entire process for myself & my buyers as easy & fully understandable throughout. It was an absolute pleasure selling through her & I’d recommend her to anyone selling or buying a property. Regards Lorna H.

21/03/22 I would like to leave some feedback for your site with ref to Catherine Bower. I have this week eventually completed a sale of my French property after being on the market for over 5 years. Mme Bower has been my agent from the start, (others have joined and withdrawn in this time) and has stuck with it and succeeded during some challenging times. We have fought against The Covid Pandemic and other family problems during this time and sometimes struggled with the French Governments changes to house sales since Brexit for non eu residents and to probate regulations but Cathe took it in her stride, and would not give up until completion. Many thanks Cathe for all your hard work. Regards Andy T.

19/03/22 Translated from dutch: Jan has acted for me twice as estate agent, expert, once for my house, which I eventually sold myself. It is to Jan's credit that he always takes on a second project without rancour and with dedication. Every appointment and contact is very professional, Jan is a person you can rely on and who does what he promises. I will be happy to recommend him as estate agent. Thanks Jan,Piet G.

Translated from dutch: We have been dreaming of our own place in France for a long time and have been renting a house in Provence for years. When we saw a house for sale near our holiday home in the summer of 2021, we decided it was time to go for it. The house was exactly what we were looking for, but we had no experience with buying a house in France. So it was quite exciting to take that step now. We came into contact with Marianne Kubbe through the grapevine. Already after our first meeting, it gave us the confidence to go ahead with our plans. Marianne went through the whole process with us and guided us perfectly. Whether it was about arranging a technical inspection, the contact with the selling party, going through the bidding process, going through the documents of the notary and the final transfer at the notary, Marianne was always by our side and helped us very professionally, pleasantly and accurately. Besides the direct purchase of the house, Marianne also helped us with the necessary insurances, transferring the water and electricity to our name and finding the necessary companies to carry out some work, so that we can actually move into the house in the course of this year. We really enjoyed working with Marianne and the whole purchase process was smooth and transparent. The fact that Marianne is fluent in French and very pro-active gave us a lot of confidence and made the whole process completely stress free. We had the transfer of the house last week and are very happy with our new home in France. In the coming months Marianne will still help us with the supervision of the works we want to do. We can only say: thank you very much, Marianne, for your super support during these last months! With kind regards, Yvonne & Jos.

10/03/22Translated from dutch: We had the idea for some time to find ourselves a nice place in France and we ended up in the Morvan with a selection of three properties. One of these three was offered for sale via Immoboulevard with Kim Bain-ter Heege acting as the estate agent for the selling party. Already during the first viewing Kim made it clear to us that she also considered it her duty to assist us in arranging the necessary contacts and contracts to take possession of the property. Her transparent advice and guidance throughout the sale process was of great value to both the selling party and us. She guided the entire transaction smoothly to a successful sale and purchase for both parties. The basis was always trust and transparency! With the assurance that we could always contact her with any questions, we, buyers, sellers and Kim shook hands. Kim, many thanks again. Wim and Jan.

10/03/22 We have now completed on the sale of the property advertised by your agency and I wanted to email you to let you know that Cathe Bower, has been absolutely amazing throughout the Sale/Purchase process. From the moment we sent our enquiry requesting a viewing right through to the day she handed us the keys she has been brilliant ! Cathe has made herself available to us for any queries and provided us with a wealth of information which has helped make the whole process straightforward and stress free. This is the 1st time we have purchased a property overseas and we have been based in the UK for the duration of the process but at every stage Cathe has gone out of her way to keep us informed as to what’s happening and to guide us through what we’ve needed to do. Having spoken to other friends who have been through the process themselves and having heard about the problems and difficulties they have encountered we can’t believe how lucky we were to have had Cathe on our side. The level of care and service that she has shown us has been of the highest standard and I would not hesitate in recommending her to friends, family and contacts should they be thinking of buying or selling a property in the regions covered by your agency. Nothing has been too much trouble and she has on many occasions gone above and beyond our expectations. You should be very proud to have Cathe on your team, she is a real credit to your agency. Kind regards, Mr Barry Gardner & Mrs Lisa G.

05/03/22 Translated from french: Dear Mrs. Kubbe, Everything went very well and we would like to thank you for your professionalism during the sale of our family house and your efficiency in dealing with the Dutch buyers. In addition, the presence of your translator at the notary before the signing was very reassuring for the whole family. Kind regards, Marie L.

04/03/22 Translated from dutch: In October last year, we discovered our "dream house" in the Nièvre. Soon we will live there permanently. In the middle of nature with a large meadow for our horse. We can't thank Kim Bain ter Heege enough for showing us the way in the maze of the French administration. Her commitment, patience, knowledge and kindness cannot be praised enough. A big thank you for that. She deserves a big bouquet of (tulip) flowers. Hilde Baeten and Filip de F.

03/03/22 Translated from dutch: We recently bought a house in the Vosges and were assisted by Marianne Kubbe from And what is called assisted : nothing was too much trouble and the many questions you might have as a buyer were always answered with great ent husiasm. And not just your questions, they also gave a lot of advice, passed on tips, and offered help with the conclusion of various contracts. With this help, the whole process went smoothly and without any problems. We are very grateful to Marianne and her team for this. Are you looking for a nice house in France ? Do not hesitate and contact them. Anneke and Ruud.

03/03/22 Translated from dutch: Our experience with Kim was really great. We received a service we did not even expect. From A to Z she took care of our project. Also the whole process of the file was very good, always up to date ! The questions we had, concerns and communication with buyer and seller were handled by her professionally. Top !!! Paulina en Nico.

 I would like to thank Catherine Bower for our house purchase in Bussiere poitevine she was great from start to finish and nothing was to much trouble. we have not quite finished yet but nearly there,she in great member to your team and hope to keep in touch many thanks Mark & Jill W.

01/03/22 First and foremost, we would like to pay our greatest of thanks to one of your agents, who today, March 1st,2022, completed the sale of our home, 6 Chez Gouillard, in Bussière Poitevine 87320. We make this email known also to your agent, Mrs Cathe Bower. We had for two years tried to sell our home with another agency and the agent was helpful but then soon grew weary of trying to market our property and show people around the house. We then approached Mrs Cathe Bower, an agent on behalf of your company. Cathe has gone above and beyond her duty to finding us a buyer and this is very true. No other agent would have done what Cathe has done for us, even asking her husband to dig and locate the septic fosse to the property with no fee attached for doing so. This is a very special agent who sells property and you are blessed to have such a person working for you. We cannot express our thanks enough to Cathe and we are forever in her debt. Cathe, thank you so, so much for all you have done ; you didn't need to help us so much, but you did and that is a credit to you and your love of your work. Yours faithfully. Mr Julian E and Mr Paul R.

01/03/22 Good evening, We recently sold our property in Saulgé through Cathe Bower. We just wanted to let you know how pleased we were with the service Cathe provided throughout the process and her professional approach and being very willing to answer any questions and solve any issues that arose. We were amazed that she sold the home in two weeks as a result of her bringing qualified buyers to view the property. We would have no hesitation in recommending her services to others. Kind regards, David and Cherry S.

30/12/21 Translated from dutch: Dear Wilma van Dalen, I was finally able to sell my house in La Forêt de Tesse through you. How wonderful to be able to do the whole process in Dutch, even though my French is not bad. You remained patient and wonderfully calm, something that is very much needed as a seller of real estate in France. I would not have been able to do that myself, I think. I wish you many more fine transactions, you are top. Kind regards, Thea.

30/12/21Translated from french: From the first phone call we had an excellent feeling about Mrs Wilma VAN DALEN, on behalf of the Immoboulevard agency. The rest confirmed that we were not mistaken. As we live 10,000 km away from the metropolis, we were unable to move because of the lockdown, so she quickly sent us extra photos of the house, which we were already able to see. We had already decided that we absolutely had to go and see it. Friends visited the property for us. Once there, they had an excellent contact with Wilma. She was very pleasant, attentive and was able to reassure them/us on several points. She then accompanied them throughout the purchase process until the signing at the Notary. So we felt we were in good hands from beginning to end, which was very nice at a time when you are a bit stressed about a purchase. We really wanted this house and thanks to Wilma's efficient work, her kindness her skills, her availability, her professionalism, our wish was fulfilled. We definitely recommend this agent! Fred and Gisèle P.

6/12/21 Translated from french: Dear Mrs Van Dalen, I would like to thank you for your efficiency and professionalism in managing the sale of my house in Montalembert in the Deux Sèvres. I also appreciated your close relationship with the client. I have recommended your agency to several people I know. Thank you again, Sincerely Danielle R.

4/12/21 Dear Wilma, We just want to take this opportunity to thank you for all your help with our recent house purchase. As you know we had never purchased a property abroad before and therefore had no knowledge of the buying process in France and all that it entails. Thank you for being there to "hold our hand" from the very beginning and, for supporting us, until the very end. We felt reassured by your professionalism and knowledge and greatly appreciated that you kept us informed and updated each step of the way, I am sure, going above and beyond your obligatory duties at times just to make things as stress free as possible. Many thanks, Carole and Amy.

3/12/21Translated from dutch: We sold our house in La Crouzille in early October. We were very happy with the support and the great professionalism of Mr. Jan Kuik. With great integrity, patience and kindness he helped us, from the day we put the house up for sale until the day we signed it with the notary. We will certainly recommend him to friends and acquaintances who want to buy or sell. With kind regards, Johan and Lianne.

Translated from dutch: If you are looking for a broker or negotiator, someone to help you with communication or someone to fight the French energy suppliers for you, there is only one name to remember: Kim Bain - ter Heege. During the rather difficult purchase process, which was supervised excellently by Joost Kubbe, Kim made a great effort to ensure that we would not be left in the dark after the purchase.

14/11/21Translated from dutch: Mrs. Kim Bain-Ter Heege gives her client but also the other party confidence t

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