Real-Estate Valuation

What is the rental value? According to the legal dictionary of French laws, the rental value of a property is the price at which the property can be rented according to the state of the market at a given time.

Our real estate experts approved by the "SNPI" and the "Collège Supérieur des Conseils & Experts Evaluateurs" can carry out an appraisal report on the market or rental value of your property, according to the ethical charter, in the following situations :

  • - You wish to sell or rent your property
  • - You wish to sell or buy an specific property (castle, etc…)
  • - You wish to mortgage your property
  • - You wish to sell or buy a commercial building
  • - You wish to sell or buy a business
  • - You wish to liquidate a community (divorce)
  • - You wish to share out of an indivision (succession, etc…)
  • - You wish to evaluate an occupancy allowance
  • - You wish to make a sharing or an auction
  • - You wish to make a donation
  • - You are facing a tax proceeding
  • - You are facing civil proceedings

A real estate valuation is a drafting established by a professional who engages his responsibility, giving an economic and/or technical opinion in an official report, to protect you and enlighten you in the case of a procedure or a litigation. The valuation answers at the same time to the skills of the expert but also to his knowledge in real estate.

The real estate expert can carry out a real estate valuation thanks to his know-how in real estate matters. This formal report is always followed by an in-depth analysis and includes dated and signed conclusions.

A real estate valuator is an independent professional person whose job it is to define with integrity and precision the market or rental value of a real estate or commercial property. 

In simple cases, a commercial valuation may be sufficient.

Do not hesitate to contact us for a quote and additional information, without any obligation on your part.

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